Early Closure for Holidays


On the last day of this term; Friday 19th December, we will be closing the Academy early for the Holidays. Please be informed that there will be a phased dismissal based on the Achievement points per House. The first house will leave just after 11.30am with the last house leaving by 12.30pm.

11.00 -11.20am

Rowan House Assembly  – Assembly Hall

Dismissed at 11.30am from Tutor Room

11.15 -11.35am

Elm House Assembly -Theatre

Dismissed at 11.50am from Tutor Room

11.30 -11.50am

Beech House Assembly –Assembly Hall

Dismissed at 12.00pm from Tutor Room

11.45 -12.05am

Maple House Assembly - Theatre

Dismissed at 12.15pm

12.00 -12.20pm

Ash House Assembly -Assembly Hall

Dismissed at 12.30pm


Academic Review Day

In order to further improve our communication with you, the Academy will be holding an Academic Review Day on Friday 13th February 2015.  This will allow staff to have a personalised progress and target setting discussion with you.  The purpose of the day is for families to meet form tutors and discuss your child’s progress in all aspects of their life at school, to set targets for the rest of the academic year and to provide you with information events for you to attend about careers, anti-bullying, school policies and other opportunities available to your child. Your child should stay at home that day and work on the learning activities set on our FROG website by their teachers.  There will be plenty of learning for them to do whilst they are at home. Prior to the day, we will be asking you to make a 15 minute appointment to come as a family (with your child) to discuss the most recent report that has been sent home.  While you will not have an opportunity to meet subject teachers during the day, your child’s form tutor will follow up any issues and questions you have for specific subject teachers and ensure you get a response. We look forward to seeing you on the 13th February.


Name Our Academy Trust Competition

Can you help us rename our Academy Trust? For the greater benefit of its students, the five Barnfield Academies are separating from Barnfield College to form a new, Academies’ Trust. Not only could you be the proud author of the Academies Trust name, but you can also win yourself £50 in Luton Mall vouchers! For further details click here or for an entry form please click here.


Calling all Class of 2014 - GCSE Certificate Evening


On Wednesday 7th January we welcome back our class of 2014 and enjoy the GCSE certificate evening. We look forward to seeing many old faces and celebrate successes from last year. For information on the evening please contact reception. We look forward to seeing you.


 Barnfield South GCSE Results 2014


Barnfield South Academy is delighted to announce positive GCSE results this year. Students and staff have worked tirelessly throughout the year and the rewards have been reaped in the results gained. Click HERE to read more.


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